Anti Bloat Juice

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Bloating is a real problem for many people and can be extremely uncomfortable. Often, bloating can be prevented or reversed just by altering your daily diet and drinking plenty of water and other healthy drinks. The ingredients in this juice can help reduce bloating, relieve constipation, and aid in digestion.


1 Fennel Bulb
1 Cucumber
4 stalks Celery
1 Apple
1 Lemon

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Celery juice helps digestion and decreases fluid retention which can cause bloating and swelling.

Fennel can help the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps.

Cucumbers comprise about 95% water, making them great for relieving bloating. Produce with a high water content can help ensure you stay hydrated and meet your daily fluid needs. This helps prevent water retention and alleviate bloating caused by dehydration.

Lemon contains minerals that promote healthy digestion, alleviate heartburn, and stimulate healthy bowel function by reducing bloat and stimulating bowel movements.

Apples also have pectin, a type of fiber that helps food move through the digestive tract and prevent bloating.

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