Skin Glow Juice

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Juice for healthy and glowing skin!
Did you know that what you eat and drink can affect the appearance of your skin? Here’s a delicious juice recipe that can help nourish and hydrate your skin from the inside out.

👉 Ingredients:

1 Cucumber
1/2 bunch spinach
2 green apples
1/2 lemon
3-4 mint leaves

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Cucumbers are rich in water, vitamins C and K, and antioxidants, cucumbers can help soothe inflammation, reduce puffiness, and improve skin elasticity.

Spinach is packed with iron, folate, and vitamins A and C, spinach can help boost blood circulation, detoxify the body, and prevent acne and wrinkles.

Apples are sweet and tangy, green apples are a good source of fiber, vitamin E, and polyphenols, which can help protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

Lemons are high in vitamin C and citric acid, lemons can help brighten the skin, reduce dark spots, and promote collagen production.

Mint leaves are both refreshing and aromatic, they also contain menthol, which can soothe irritation, balance oil production, and provide a natural glow.


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