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9 Incredible Apple Juice Benefits That Will Amaze You

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Apple Juice

Juicing Apples using The Kuvings REVO830 Juicer To Save 30% use code: TUTORIALS30 Good until 11/25

Juicer: https://www.kuvingsusa.com/pages/juicingtutorials

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Strainer: https://a.co/d/63a7t7b

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Download our Recipe Ebooks and cleanses here: https://www.juicingtutorials.com/shop

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Download our Recipe Ebooks here: https://www.juicingtutorials.com/shop

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Time Codes:

0:01 How to make Apple Juice using Kuvings REVO830 Juicer

0:30 Enhances skin – Thanks to the Vitamin C, the benefits of apple juice can also help keep your skin healthy and elastic.

1:03 Aids Weight Control – Apple Juice is beneficial in detoxification by flushing out excess toxins which further helps in weight control.

1:37 Keeps Liver Healthy

2:05 Aids a Healthy Heart – Apple juice reduces the accumulation of cholesterol plaque in arteries and

thus lowers the risk of heart attacks.

2:14 Eases Constipation Apple juice helps in extracting water from large intestine into colon that helps in easy passing of stools which helps relieving constipation.

2:54 Good for Diabetes

3:21 Hydrates the body

3:36 Asthma Improvement

4:02 Memory Care

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Disclaimer: Not a doctor. Please always consult with your medical practitioner for your own health needs and requirements

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